February 1968 Started manufacturing soft capsules using a plate method in Oonakazato, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka.
April 1968 Started filling hard capsules (Elanco Co., Ltd.) at Oonakazato.
March 1971 Introduced a PTP packaging machine.
July 1978 Constructed a factory to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) according to the administrative guidance of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and introduced machine-based automated manufacture of soft capsules. Consolidated the systems for large-scale production.
June 1984 Moved into tablet-related fields and constructed equipment to increase production in the tablet department.
April 1986 Completed Shibakawa factory.
February 1989 Separated Research and Development Department to set up a laboratory.
June 1995 Obtained a license for importing and marketing pharmaceutical products.
June 1996 Obtained a license for marketing pharmaceutical products.
April 2002 Completed a factory exclusively for hard capsules.
July 2002 Completed a laboratory and building for packaging pharmaceutical products.
April 2005 Obtained a license for manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products.
April 2006 Completed a building for storing pharmaceutical products.
June 2007 Completed buildings for exclusive use in pharmaceutical preparation.
June 2007 Completed a factory exclusively for hard capsules (Shibakawa factory).
September 2011 Completed a factory for Camsle® formulation.
December 2014 Completed Fujisan factory and QA & QC technical center.

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